Reference image example

Camera Match Test

Camera Mapping test

The site as modeled through camera matching & camera modeling

Camera Mapping the matte textures, verify fit & quality before adding snow to matte

Matte textures with the City Hall base model






The final Model

Finer detial of the final model

Render test is Max using MR

Closer view of another render test

The surface snow test render

An initial compositing test in Shake

A snow pass comp test in shake over the just about finalized overall comp

Diffuse Pass

Direct Lighting Pass

GI Pass

Dirt Pass, the wonder pass!

Background buildings pass with completed matte texture w/snow

Z depth pass used in comp for DOF blur

Simple Comp about halfway through the image sequence rendered for the shot no ground snow pass

The ground snow Pass

Simple Comp (low atmosphere snow) of the passes

Heavily compressed .mov example of the final comp